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Based on the experience gained through our ongoing research we are able to offer a full range of bespoke proteomic analyses in our state-of-the-art research and service facility to both internal and external users from academia and industry. Through our experienced multidisciplinary team we can provide input into all aspects from study design through sample preparation and analysis to interpretation of the results as needed, with flexibility in our approach being key.

Collaborative projects or contract research have been undertaken for a number of external partners including AstraZeneca, Waters UK, Thermo Scientific and Biosignatures.

Services include peptide or protein sequencing, accurate mass determination, and label-free or SILAC-based quantitation with stringent data analysis. The approaches covered include 1D-PAGE and LC-MS/MS or LC/LC-MS/MS.

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Mass Spectrometry



For analysis of protein structure and conformation contact the mass spectrometry facility located in the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

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