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In addition to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic investigations incorporated within clinical trials, there are an increasing number of trials where additional clinical samples are also required to be processed in specific ways for associated translational studies. This is particularly the case for the targeted therapies within the drive for stratified/personalised medicine. The importance of consistent processing of clinical samples is also increasingly being recognised for academic research studies such as biomarker discovery, to avoid any potential bias from pre-analytical effects.

In addition to our research banking activities for our Group and in support of local ECMC and CRUK Centre activities, we offer a contract clinical sample processing service with a dedicated technical team and QA Manager. This covers both local and external centres with involvement in national and international trials. The lab is run at GCLP equivalent level and we ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and guidance as such as the Human Tissue Act (2004) and the MHRA GCP Guidelines for Clinical Laboratories and follow either in-house SOPs or trial-specific company SOPs as appropriate. All samples are securely stored in freezers or liquid nitrogen dewars with 24/7 web-based temperature monitoring using the Tutela system.

Sample processing has been undertaken for trials with a number of companies including Boehringer Ingelheim, Chugai and Immatics and we have been a local processing centre for the MRC-HNR coordinated Food Standards Agency/Department of Health funded National Diet and Nutrition Survey. We have also coordinated translational sample banking for the international ICON7 trial in ovarian cancer on behalf of the MRC Clinical Trial Unit.

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