The Group is located in well-equipped labs on the St James's University Hospital campus. Since merging with the Leeds General Infirmary, the resultant Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is the largest in the UK and one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. This provides an ideal opportunity for clinical-scientific collaboration and translational research in a wide range of areas.

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Our equipment:

In particular, LC-MS/MS-based approaches using the Orbitrap Velos with label-free quantitation underpin many of our clinical proteomic studies.

Research Tissue Banks

We are responsible for establishing and managing 2 research tissue banks (RTBs). The Leeds Multidisciplinary RTB currently holds matched normal and malignant frozen renal tissue samples from ~500 patients with renal cancer, and plasma, serum, buffy coat and urine samples from ~800 renal cancer patients either prior to surgery/treatment or during treatment, for example with sunitinib. Full clinical data is available including long-term follow-up. In addition fluid samples are also being collected from patients with benign urological conditions, healthy controls, patients prior to and following renal transplant and patients with acute kidney injury. A population-based TMA including tissue from ~300 RCC patients has also been established together with digital imaging facilities using a Leica SCN400 scanner with autoloader and Slidepath software.

During the last year the RTB has expanded to now also include frozen normal tissue samples, frozen tissue and urine samples from >1,000 patients with bladder cancer, frozen tissue from patients with brain tumours and and collection of tissue and fluids is now also ongoing from patients with ovarian cancer or colorectal cancer.

The Leeds BioRTB which has arisen as part of an NIHR-funded Biomarker Programme is storing:

Full clinical data is being collected using CRFs. To find further information about collaborative access to these RTB samples please e-mail our Research Tissue Bank Manager, Pirkko-Liisa Muhonen at If you are a member of the joint RTB Management Committee and wish to access the internal site for controlled documents please click here

Biomarker Assays

We undertake ELISA development and validation either using in-house or commercially available assays, within a GCLP level environment with automated plate washing and reading and a Perkin Elmer Janus automated workstation.

Clinical Sample Processing

We operate a sample processing facility at GCLP level within the CR-UK Centre to support our renal biomarker research studies. Additionally we support such activities for other researchers and clinical trials which require sample processing for translational elements. All samples are collected and processed according to specific SOPs and are mirror banked in -80oC freezers or liquid nitrogen dewars which are monitored 24/7 via a web-based manned Tutela monitoring system. Samples are barcoded and logged using a LIMS system developed in-house.

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